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Tax Return

Preparing your own tax return can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. Additionally, tax laws are complicated and difficult to understand…

Accounting Consulting

This involves providing clients with the support and advice they need to make business decision…

Tax Problems

The last thing anyone wants is to hear that they have a problem with the CRA. However, the truth is that it happens, and when it does, you can find yourself in a very stressful and costly situation…

Benefits and Assistance

There may be options to help you or your family in this list of programs...



Bookkeeping refers to the daily recording of a company’s financial transactions and it is integral to the success of any business…

New Business Formation

Setting up your business requires careful planning. You will need to create and modify your business plan…

Financial Statements

Setting up your business requires careful planning. You will need to create and modify your business plan, complete the legal paperwork…


This refers to the management of the financial records of your employees (freelancers and contractors)…

Corporate Tax

Corporate taxes are a requirement of companies operating in Canada…

CRA Appeals

Interpretations of tax laws or documentation issues could lead to problems with the assessment issued by the CRA…

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Real Tax is a fast-growing accounting company. Focused on the needs of small businesses – startups and individuals, Real Tax is located in the heart of Downtown – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At Real Tax, we believe that without accounting, life will be bleak, both in the personal and corporate worlds. Effective accounting allows you to review the past and present in order to prepare for the future. Our ultimate goal is to keep you in good fiscal health.

We want to be part of your story, creating bonds with your company and adapting our services to your business philosophy. At Real Tax, working with clients is never considered just “work”. It’s more like helping a friend or family member, and that’s the Real Tax we have for you!







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Real Tax is an accounting firm that focuses on small businesses – startups and individuals. Our services include Tax Return Preparation, Business Formation, Payroll, and much more.  Our Services are accessible in both Portuguese and English.


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