Tax Return

Deductions and Credits

How does my tuition play into Tax return?

If you are attending College or University, here is how your tuition credit can affect your Tax Return.

Which medical expenses qualify as a deduction?

Find out the most common medical expenses that can be used on your Tax Return as a deduction.

Working from home this year? See what you can claim

If you have worked from home, some expenses can be used as a deduction on your Tax Return. Contact us to know which of the two available home office credits you can qualify for.

Which childcare expenses qualify as a deduction?

If you are a parent, this video explains which expenses you can use on your tax return as a deduction.


What tax documents do I need to file my taxes?

Find out the most common documents you need in order to prepare your Tax Return. For a complete list of which income and deductions can be used, please visit our website.

T4 – Haven’t received it yet? Learn what to do

Your employer has not given you a copy of your T4? Don’t panic. This video tells you other ways to get the information needed to complete your Tax Return.


I am self-employed – How do I file taxes?

If you are filing your Tax Return as a Self-Employed individual this video will guide you on how to get ready for the next Tax Season. It is important to keep track of your income and expenses throughout the year, to help you, there is a spreadsheet available on our website.

Will the forms TD1 Federal and TD1 Provincial affect my taxes?

The form TD1 Federal and TD1 Provincial is very important since it can influence the retention of taxes at the source of your income. Fill this form properly especially if you have more than one job, to avoid overpaying taxes



Are you a self-employed contractor or other unincorporated business? Please feel free to use our Business Income and Expenses Worksheet to compile your business income and expenses for the year. Once you’ve entered your information, the Excel spreadsheet can easily be sent to us to help us prepare your personal tax return which includes your business.

If you are a GST/HST Registrant, these worksheets will help you summarize your GST or HST data for quarterly and annual report filings.


Benefits and Assistances

How does GST Benefit work?

Have you heard about the GST Benefit? Here’s what can influence the calculation and how often it is paid.

Will the government benefits such as EI, CERB and Worksafe be taxed?

If you have received any government paid benefits such as EI, CERB, or Worksafe, you will need to declare that income on your tax return as a taxable income.